About Yorkies

This small toy terrier, as it is known today, was originated in England in the 1800s. Its primary use at that time was for the control of rodents that inhabited coal mines in the northern part of England, but nowadays Yorkies are very popular as a pet. Yorkies, like the other terrier family, are the animals that are not aware of their size, they are brave, attack and active. Certainly, their personalities are unstable like humans. While some of them are very quiet and calm, like a lady; others are full of action. But the most important thing is that they have magic. This magic will impress you without any notice. That’s why someone who owns a Yorkie, always own another. I have a sticker on my car about this; it is written: "Yorkies are like potato chips, you can never have just one."

Caring of this lovely breed is not very easy. If you are looking only for a home-mate, you do not need to make all these caring. A good haircut will be suitable for you, and you will not need so much caring. For the Yorkies not in competition or tournaments, a haircut is a source of happiness both for them and for their owners. If you have a hair cut Yorkie, you can put nice colorful dresses on.

However, if you want to participate in competitions and if you want your Yorkie to make you proud you have to make some sacrifices.

Yorkshire Terriers need to be groomed regularly in young ages; they have to learn to be combed every day as the slicker dog brush will be one of the most important instruments during their lives.

Secondly, Yorkshire terriers ears should stand erect.The most important point here is to shave the top 1/3 of his/her ears. If your dog is very active and if you are not sure of yourselves, please do not try ear haircut alone.

Finally, top-knot is so important for Yorkies, especially for show Yorkies. As a well-done top-knot will make a beautiful face expression, an ordinary top-knot, on the contrary, may make an ugly face expression.

The most important subject is also health for Yorkies as for all living creature. Their health is sensitive as their physics. Therefore we have to take care and protect them in many subjects. We have to prevent them to jump from high places too hard surfaces. Jumping from high places that they can not climb will cause problems at their legs and may be ended with medical operations. Teeth care must be done every six months as plaque/tartar is very common in Yorkies and may cause them to lose their teeth in younger ages. The stomach of Yorkies is also very sensitive. Therefore we have to feed them with dry food and not the homemade foods.

And last but not the least, we have to love them by heart. We have to spare them enough time, we have to play with them, and we have to let them feel our love. We have to keep in our minds that we are the reason for these innocent creatures to live. And their most important need is our LOVE to them.